Easy creation of slideshows

Once you upload your photos to Qfile, you can drag them into a slideshow folder. Qfile automatically creates a slideshow featuring your photos, and you simply share the slideshow webpage link with anyone you like. It only takes seconds!

  1. Click on SLIDESHOWS
  2. In the SLIDESHOWS window, click on (public url) next to the folder of images you wish to share
  3. Your slideshow will appear on a new web page
  4. Copy and paste the URL link of this web page into an email, inviting a friend to view your slideshow

Viewers can easily see your slideshows

Unlike lots of other slideshow photo services, people don’t need to sign up to anything in order to see your slideshows. They just click on the link you send to them by email or post on your site, and they can view right away. And because it’s Qfile, it’s faster in Nunavut.

Change photos easily

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Want to change up the photos in one of your slideshows? Just open the folder, and drag the photo to another folder or delete the photo. Qfile creates another slideshow in seconds, with a new link featuring your revised photo list.