Public Links

Post your large public files for fast downloads

If you need to share videos or other large files with many people in Nunavut from your website, make it fast and easy with Qfile Public Links. Simply upload your file to Qfile Public Links, and embed the Qfile-generated url into your website.

Automatic replication for easy website management

If you manage a website in Nunavut, you know the headaches of keeping your website on a local Nunavut server. Update your large file once on the Internet backbone with Public Links. When you embed the Qfile-generated url into your website, a copy of your file is automatically replicated on a server in every Nunavut community.

Making every file local — no satellite delays

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Qfile Public Links was designed to solve your problems sending large files to many people by satellite. So when people in Pond Inlet click on a Qfile Public Link url embedded in your website, Qfile knows to send them the local copy stored in Pond. So local downloads are truly local — no waiting for satellite delivery.