Private Locker

Secure storage

When you upload files into your Private Locker, your files are safe and secure. Nobody can get your files out of your Private Locker, except you. You choose who, when, and where to share files stored in your Private Locker.

Send files privately

When you choose to send someone an important file from your Private Locker, the recipient is sent an encrypted key that only they can use. Perfect for private information.

Safe and easy downloading

Your recipient automatically gets an encrypted key code sent to them via email. They just click on the link, and presto — the file will start to download to their computer. The unique key code only works once for security’s sake.

Get around mail servers!

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Large files get stuck when people try to email them as attachments, since most mail servers can’t handle large attachments. With Qfile, recipients click on the Qfile link in the small email they get, and automatically leave their email program entirely to do the download. No more mail overloads!