How Qfile Works

Designed for satellite environment

Qfile is designed specifically for sending and receiving large files in Nunavut. It’s a simple to use service that’s been custom made for satellite-served communities.

Local Qfile servers in every community

Qfile provides a local drop off and pick up point for electronic files on Qfile servers in every Nunavut community and the Internet backbone. No more middle-of-the-night uploads for GIS specialists trying to get land data out of communities facing overloaded satellite connections. Qfile makes the transfer of large files into and out of Nunavut communities a more efficient, painless process for everyone.

Step 1: Upload your file

In Nunavut, you upload your large file to your local Qfile server quickly and easily from your computer, without hitting the satellite. Qfile then moves the file automatically to the Internet backbone over the satellite, carried on a priority basis, where it is stored in your Private Locker on the Internet backbone.

Step 2: Share your files with others

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You invite others to download the file, by sending a private Qfile email from your Private Locker, posting a Qfile Public Link or Slideshow for anyone to access, or by creating a specialized Qfile Group Share for invited collaborators.

Qfile automatically pushes your file out to Nunavut users as you instructed, and with one satellite hop, all Nunavut communities will automatically store files heading for multiple recipients in local Qfile servers for fast download by Nunavut users.