Group Share

Make project files easy-to-reach for all team members

Working on a project in Nunavut with multiple team members and lots of large documents? Create a Group Share folder and invite your team in. Any project files you place in your team’s folder can be downloaded whenever your team members want, as many times as they need, from anywhere. Fast and easy.

Add new members easily — keep everyone up to date

Simply enter team members’ email addresses in your Group Share folder, and they will get an email inviting them to download your project files. Every time you add new files, you can easily notify them via email.

Password protection for added security

YYou can set up your Group Share folder so that team members have to enter a password of your choosing to see the files in the Group Share folder. This adds another level of safety to your Group Shared files.

Handy for fun use too!

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Set up a Group Share fun folder to easily share video clips, music and high res photos with friends and family. You can even skip using a password, so your more forgetful relatives can check out your new additions anytime.