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Life is different here and so are we! Qfile is a file storage and sharing service unlike any other. It’s designed for Nunavut’s unique satellite based environment. If you have trouble sharing large files, documents in and out of Nunavut then we can help.

Qfile is a simple & secure. With three great plans to choose from its perfect for personal, business and enterprise users. We encourage you to explore “take a tour” on the right hand side of this page to learn more about what Qfile can do for you.

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The Qfile Difference

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Your Private Locker

Secure Storage

[icon] When you upload files into your Private Locker, your files are safe and secure. Nobody can get your files out of your Private Locker, except you. You choose who, when, and where to share files stored in your Private Locker.

Learn more about the Qfile Private Locker.


Keep track of files you sent

[icon] Qfile maintains a list of who you have sent files to from your Private Locker, until it is downloaded by the recipient. Once your recipient has picked up the file, it is no longer listed in Sent. It only takes a second to see if someone hasn’t picked up your file yet.

Learn more about Qfile Sent Files.

Group Share

Make project files easy-to-reach for all team members

[icon] Working on a project in Nunavut with multiple team members and lots of large documents? Create a Group Share folder and invite your team in. Any project files you place in your team’s folder can be downloaded whenever your team members want.

Learn more about Qfile Group Share.


Easy creation of slideshows

[icon] Once you upload your photos to Qfile, you can drag them into a slideshow folder. Qfile automatically creates a slideshow featuring your photos, and you simply share the slideshow webpage link with anyone you like. It only takes seconds!

Learn more about Qfile Slideshows.

Faster on QINIQ

Qfiles traffic gets priority on the QINIQ network

[icon]Any Qfile uploads and downloads will be priority traffic on QINIQ carried on dedicated satellite bandwidth. So when you send and receive large Qfiles using a QINIQ modem, your files will move faster than all other traffic in Nunavut!

Learn more about the Qiniq Advantage.

How Qfile Works

Designed for satellite environment

[icon] Qfile is designed specifically for sending and receiving large files in Nunavut. It’s a simple to use service that’s been custom made for satellite-served communities.

Learn how Qfile works.